Welcome to Gdańsk!

As the coordinator of the project Szkoła Podstawowa no35 z Oddziałami Sportowymi organized the first meeting of the teachers from the partner schools.

Not only ice, but all the barriers breaking.

The teachers took part in two activities, one of them was ‚Odyssey of Mind’ workshop, performed by two licensed coaches. The workshop consisted of numerous mind teasing and creativity wakening activities which demanded collaborative work. The tasks involved logical thinking, drama activities, solving verbal spontanous problems and hands-on puzzles. It was a good chance to know each other better and collect some good ideas for introducing some creativity and out of the box thinking to our regular school activities.

The next activity, to which we invited our fellow teachers from other primary and secondary schools, was CLIL workshop, performed by Hanna Kryszewska, trainer at DOCED at University of Oxford, University of Gdansk and the editor of Humanising Language Teaching website magazine. We were presented an educational approach based on the integrated learning of foreign language and content. Acquiring foreign language through subject-related contents is supposed to encourage learning, what is one of the objectives of our European project.