World Health Days

This year for the fifth time our school has celebrated the World Health Day. This spring, because of the lockdown, we had to organize it online. The team of teachers in charge of arranging the event were collecting the resources which afterwards were uploaded on the paddlet and students ask well as their tutors and parents were continuously encouraged to make themselves familiar with the resources. All the materials were classified into:

  • recipes for healthy food, which included video clips presenting healthy snacks made by the teachers
  • video clips about motivation and controlling emotions
  • presentations about the effects which smoking has got on the human body
  • tips on the healthy diet
  • pieces of advice on being fit and boosting stamina
  • some information about preservatives and coloring food

Finally, students took part in the virtual breakout game, during which they could check how much they had learned during the classes and from the resources collected. They did like the game and managed to break out from the surgery.

Stand up for your rights!

Disrespect and feeling unsafe — are one of the crucial factors for school and home stress. Self-esteem ranks really high as people, regardless of their age, gender and race value dignity and respect most. School – related stress trigerred by lack of respect and security may have an extremely destroying effect and it is said to have increased in the past few decades. Thus, students participating in this performance tried to defeat criminal acting and sustain the process of responsible civic behaviour.

Stress relievers

Since sport and creating artwork are considered to be one of the most effective stress relievers all the exchange students took part in craft and phisical activities. They started from brainstorming for the words and phrases related to calmness, peacefulness and quietness in their own languages. Then, they made Christmas decoration boards with the words and Christmas symbols. Creating art takes our mind off the most stressing things we have to tackle on the daily basis and it lets the steam off. Others relieved their emotional pressure in zumba dance. It is a form of cardiovascular exercise involving various active movements that help in improving mood and the energy level of a dancer through the secretion of hormones that induce stress relief. As the effects of zumba on supressing the stress causing hormones are commonly known, the zumba practice is held regularly during breaks in our school.

Ice breaking activities

We started our first meeting from ice breaking activities which involved checking how well students know the human body, its systems, nutrients, and vitamins it is made of. Escape room games do never bore people — puzzle ideas have no limitations in terms of creativity and entertainment. Not only did they break the first language barriers between them, but also were able to develop cooperation and creativity skills as the objects and clues were hidden and discovering them demanded some team work. Some Christmas decorations were also used as hints to feel the atmosphere of the holidays appraoching.

The Human Body Race instructions: