Classroom management

We are all aware of the importance of environment and relationships and their impacts on children’s gaining their life skills. IC Diotti school collected the data and explored what constitutes an amiable learning environment which is ready for and welcomes pupils. They studied how how providing proper conditions and adjusting it to their needs we can more effectively support children’s self-regulation, and make them more efficient in guiding their behaviour.

All about me!

The aim of this locally organized activity, taking place in the time preceding the mobility in Poland, was having our students present their favourite ways of letting the steam off, the leisure activities they enjoy most and find the most relaxing. Since they were given a choice of the tool they were going to use to present themselves, they made posters, presentations or collages. The best works were also uploaded on the project TwinSpace.

We become not a melting pot but a beautiful mosaic. Different people, different beliefs, different yearnings, different hopes, different dreams.

Jimmy Carter.

Ice breaking activities

We started our first meeting from ice breaking activities which involved checking how well students know the human body, its systems, nutrients, and vitamins it is made of. Escape room games do never bore people — puzzle ideas have no limitations in terms of creativity and entertainment. Not only did they break the first language barriers between them, but also were able to develop cooperation and creativity skills as the objects and clues were hidden and discovering them demanded some team work. Some Christmas decorations were also used as hints to feel the atmosphere of the holidays appraoching.

The Human Body Race instructions: