The first year of the project – the summary

As to sum up all the activities performed this year we made a film highlighting all the most important events and undertakings which have taken place. We started from the first meeting of the teachers, during which we got familiar with each other, established the rules of the cooperation, and made a schedule of the activities. Next, the first exchange of students followed and afterwards, since no meetings could be organized due to the Covid 19 regulations we present in this video some of the tasks which we were trying to do online.

Teach more effectively

Online teaching turned some traditional teaching methods over and triggered a lot of changes in teachers’ approach towards IT technologies. We made a lot of efforts to try to snap at this situation and do our best to convince some teachers to using IT tools easily and frequently. Since peer to peer education was also one of the project objectives our teachers organized and led online workshops during which we shared our favourite digital tools. Educators presented a wide range of websites, activities that can be done and they provided some examples how to, using them, enhance the classroom experience. They showed practical and theoretical workshops, as well as presented their best practices. Teachers could see how to test online, prepare flipped lessons, collect useful websites, collaborate during the classes, how to make games and prepare other helpful resources.

Healthy eating

Proper eating habits are essential for healthy lifestyle, which, in turn, helps to manage stress, increases efficiency of the immune system, restores balance and makes our life calmer and better organized. Needless to say, cooking and having meals together is considered one of the most bonding and pleasant pastimes. In order to introduce the topic to the students we are sharing the teaching resources for online English classes.

The objectives of the lessons:

  • naming products and cooking terms in English
  • identifying and classifying macronutrients
  • defining the rules of a Mediterranean diet and listing them
  • comparing the rules of a Mediterranean diet with one’s own eating habits
  • designing one’s own recipe
  • accepting proper eating habits
  • advocating the rules of healthy eating
The lesson resources