Use sport to relieve your stress

Regular exercises cause remarkable changes to our body, our metabolism, our spirits and well being. It has a unique capacity to boost one’s stamina and rest at the same time, as it provides both stimulation and calmness. In order to promote sports each of the school prepared a dictionary of sports. Each of the team was in charge of one specific area, Italian – olympic sports, Spain – water sports, Portugal team sports and Poland – winter sports. Students had to brainstorm for terms, after that they had to design their dictionaries, find photos illustrating the disciplines, places where these sports are performed, name athletes and provide the examples of the necessary equipment. Next they swapped their dictionaries letting other students provide the words in their native languages. It allowed for collaboration, learning English words and comparing words in different languages.

Apart from the dictionaries students made also quizzes about sports and they played an escape room game about sport disciplines.

Follow a healthy lifestyle

We have had the visit of a nurse of the local NHS, who made an oral presentation to all the students of the school talking them about how to follow a healthy lifestyle, specially in terms of food and diet. She provided them with the key factors that compose a healthy diet and gave them tricks to make it as easy as possible for them and helped them when answering all the questions the students had for her. They were curious and enthusiastic about this activity! Specially those who are taking part in the project, as for them it was a really interesting opportunity to go in depth in its objectives and it was another source of motivation for them. 

World Health Days

This year for the fifth time our school has celebrated the World Health Day. This spring, because of the lockdown, we had to organize it online. The team of teachers in charge of arranging the event were collecting the resources which afterwards were uploaded on the paddlet and students ask well as their tutors and parents were continuously encouraged to make themselves familiar with the resources. All the materials were classified into:

  • recipes for healthy food, which included video clips presenting healthy snacks made by the teachers
  • video clips about motivation and controlling emotions
  • presentations about the effects which smoking has got on the human body
  • tips on the healthy diet
  • pieces of advice on being fit and boosting stamina
  • some information about preservatives and coloring food

Finally, students took part in the virtual breakout game, during which they could check how much they had learned during the classes and from the resources collected. They did like the game and managed to break out from the surgery.

How to achieve success?

During online lessons, due to the lockdown we could work relying on tools, different from the ones, used on a daily basis in the classroom. One of them is the WebQuest method, which enables incorporating the Internet resources into the classroom and encourages critical thinking skills, such as: comparing, verifying, classifying, inducing and analysing perspectives. Learners have to select the information and transform them. not able to simply regurgitate information they find, but are guided towards a transformation of that information in order to achieve a given task.

The students tried to answer the following questions:

  1. What makes a great athlete? 
  2. Which personality traits are indispensable if you want to achieve success?
  3. What is the difference between inner and outer motivation?
  4. How important is family support?
  5. ‚The only place success comes before work is the dictionary’ V. Lombardi – do you agree with this statement?
  6. What makes a great athlete?
  7. Who is an athlete you admire? Why? What was his way to the top? 
  8. What skills do you have to have to achieve success? 
  9. What can stop you from the success? 
  10. Shortlist some tips for achieving success.